Wellness Plans

Young Living commitment to transforming lives guides everything we do, here at Essential Juniper Co. We are committed to showing you how there are solutions to every question. We will empower you to no longer feel stuck, physically, mentally and emotionally. We know healing comes from within and health comes from balancing our 4 pillars: Structure, Environment, Nutrition, and Emotions. By creating this balance we are able to be present as humans, partners, parents, friends, and professionals. We have found our global community thrives when given a Wellness Plan to structure the next steps into this new fun lifestyle. 

Our Wellness Plans are structured in 3-month blocks. We know that it takes about 3-4 months for the majority of our body cells to regenerate. We also know that to make a change we must create a new habit. In general, it takes about 21 days to break a habit and about 66 days to create a new one. We know with change, consistency is key. This key is what unlocks your healthy lifestyle. It's not just a one time fix. But it is the key to opening the door to wellness.

As a Young Living member on my team, you will get access to my free product education and one on one training. Here are some examples of 3-month wellness plan to get you started on with a great foundation.

Wellness Plans

Month 1: Premium Starter Kit on Essential Rewards

Month 2: NingXia Red Essential Rewards Kit

Month 3: Thieves Essential Rewards Kit


Self love

Month 1: NingXia Red Kit


Month 2: Pure Protein Complete - Vanilla or Chocolate, Aminiowise and Powergize


Month 3: NingXia Nitro , MegaCal and AgilEase


Month 1: Thieves Starter Kit on Essential Rewards


Month 2: Master Formula and Inner Defense


Month 3: Life 9 , Sulferzyme and Longevity

Immune Boosting

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