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Have you ever wished you could just grab a kit to get started on a healthier lifestyle? Something easy to use. Something that really got into your body and actually worked! Something that looked for the root of problems to start healing instead of just putting a bandage on it. Well, YOU CAN! 

When you are creating a life rooted in self love, you must create a wellness toolbox. This is a foundational step into your new lifestyle. Essential Oils work with the brain to support change. Within seconds of applying or inhaling essential oils, they will be found in your brain and filtering through your body.


This is the perfect toolbox to get you moving toxins out of your life and getting great plant-based nutrients in. On top of that, the kit is a little over 50% off when you break it down individually.

Which is such a deal! 

When you grab this kit, you also get acess to all of my education on how to use oils, as well as one-on-one training! I like thinking of this kit as the start to ditch and switching! Ditching toxins and switching to natural clean products that support your body on a cellular level! Below is a video that goes into more detail about this!

Premium Starter Kit

This is based on the USA kit. For other markets please look here!

Young Living Vitality essential oils are labeled for internal usage and the other essential oils are for topical and aromatic usage. 

There is no difference in what is in the bottle, just the labeling.


This is our "Swiss army knife” of oils! It is relaxing and cleansing! It will soothe minor skin irritations. It does amazing on the skin after a day in the sun while reducing blemishes, and creates a glow! On top of that it fights nervous tension! 


A great oil to start your day with due to its energizing positivity, and how it invigorates the mind! It is also the oldest herb for GI health! You can also apply this to tired and sore muscles for relief!


Creates a feeling of clarity while uplifting your mood! It will remove grease off of clothes and stickers off of unwanted places. Adding a drop in your morning water intake is a fantastic way to start your day! Lemon is a key ingredient in the blends Harmony, Joy, and Thieves!


One of D. Gary Young's original blends. It is a unique combination of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, Camphor Wood, Geranium, and Frankincense. This bold and inspiring scent is loved by everyone. This grounding and empowering oil is great for diffusing and applying on your heart!


 Also known as Boswellia Carterii, is one of the oldest known oils. It is the king of the oils because of how versatile it is. This oil is great at creating a grounding and empowering feeling. While uplifting the mood. It also promotes healthy glowing skin! 


A great aid in balancing a busy life and wellness because of its great immune system support! This blend is a game changer. Apply at night to the bottom of your feet. This blend can also have great cleaning properties! Because of these wonderful qualities - YL has a whole thieves oil line with…toothpaste, soap, dishwasher soap, mints and MORE!


A blend of citrus oils and spearmint which makes it great for getting rid of stale odors and creating a clean, fresh scent in your environment. It will inspire creativity and positivity when diffused. It has been known to help with nervous feelings! Great to add into a sugar or salt DIY scrub!


A great oil for energizing positivity, and how it invigorates the mind! Amazing for supporting the respiratory system! It will create relief with a cooling sensation when applied to the chest and throat.


Here to help you through every meal because of it’s success in fighting away those tricky digestive struggles! It even calms those stressful times when your tummy is in knots! After eating, a few drops of DiGize Vitality on your tummy does wonders for bloating and nausea. 


Most effective when applied to the joints and muscles for a cooling sensation! This blend is not pre-diluted and considered a hot oil. We recommend diluting this one with a carrier oil (V-6, Olive Oil, coconut oil) to help soothe more sensitive skins! Try incorporating it into a personal back massage!


It is exactly that!

Taking the stress away. There are several different forms of stress and this oil is fantastic at calming the brain, leaving us feeling uplifted! This one is great to wear as a perfume with its scent smelling similar to vanilla.


An amazing blend to add to your nighttime routine and meditation. It promotes wellbeing, relaxation and a deep sense of peace! This calming oil can turn tension into relaxation. We love adding this to our diffuser for a great night of sleep without tossing and turning!

This will cut through grease, dirt, and grime with its naturally derived ingredients, including our powerful Thieves essential oil blend. This is a concentrate so make sure to follow the instructions on the back to dilute. Our cleaner can replace all the toxic cleaning products hiding under your sinks! Of course, it is kid and animal safe, too. 

A fantastic whole body superfood! It has powerful antioxidant ingredients and also supports energy levels, everyday cellular function, and overall wellness! Don't forget to drink those red packets in your kit! It is like drinking liquid gold for the body! Try adding your favorite Vitality oil to your daily shot of Ningxia!


Disperse and dilute your Essential Oils into the air aromatically. This allows the oils to enter the body of humans and animals. Young Living has several different diffusers you can pick from. We recommend starting off-putting about 8 drops of Essential Oils total!


These Essential Oils are absolutely amazing but the key is using them consistently! You should be using them every day! Introduce them into your daily routine.

I am so excited to be here with you on this transformation into supporting your body and feeling good! Essential Oils have become one the main tools I grab for in my wellness toolbox.


A perk of my community is all the educational training. We are built on educational support! Here is one of my top leaders talking about the details of what Essential Oils are, how they are made and what to look for when selecting your Essential Oils.

My absolute favorite part of Essential Oils is how they work with our brain. Specifically the Limbic portion of your brain. The limbic system is a system of nerves and networks in the brain that controls basic emotions and drives. It is the emotional brain. It supports five major functions: emotions, behavior, motivation, long-term memory, and sense of smell.


Our brain emotionally stores every second of our lives through our senses. Everything about us is emotional. If we get hurt, we store an emotion within it. If we remember something, it is triggered and linked to an emotion. If we smell something familiar, there is a memory and emotion attached. Through the years emotions build up to protect us. They make an impact on who we are and how we live. They can lift us up and also weigh us down.  Each year I do an emotional detox in a box with a specific group of oils called the Feelings Kit. The main oil you use in this 30 day protocol is Valor (An Essential Oil you also get in your Premium Starter Kit) - Here are some more details on how that works!

The community that you join when you grab a kit with me is absolutely amazing. Our philosophy is that health and healing come from within.

To achieve our fullest and healthiest potential we must strike harmony structurally, emotionally, environmentally, and nutritionally. It is in this beautiful balance that we perform our best as humans, partners, parents, professionals. We have learned that it takes a village to raise a child – even our inner child. We are the village. My Community - Our Essential Life is a group of doctors, peak performance specialists, health coaches, professionals, educators, mentors, individuals, mothers, fathers, husbands, and wives who share a hunger for knowledge, self-empowerment, and self-improvement.

Our mission is to empower you in claiming your health, your wellness, and your freedom so that you can truly stand strong and change the world. Where there are questions, there are answers. Our team of experts is here to equip you with the tools to find the answers, to make that change, and to share it with your world. We provide a professional catalyst for wellness, for health, for giving yourself and your loved ones the tools to live the best life possible. We educate you on how not to let anything stand between you and your essential life. This is why we have been educating our community since 2013. We know together we have the answers that will guide you on a transformational journey.

Our Essential Life is built for a balanced world.

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