Project Broadcast Training 

Project Broadcast is a platform, used to send out text messages to groups of people. Since 2017, we have been using this platform for quick fun and easy education classes that go straight to your phone! EJC text message-based education classes are set up where you start to get education shortly after getting your kit.  From there, members get a message at the beginning of each month with a list of new classes they can pick from. This list has 3-5 classes that range from an Oil of the month, to Self Love tips, to Business Building tips. To get these classes, the member simply responds with a keyword and we have programed our Project Broadcast to automatically send them, 1 text a day for the length of the class.  With this method, we are finding Business Builders pop out of the woodworks because they realize how much they know about Young Living Products. Our Leaders are also using this as an added perk of joining our team!


Essential Juniper Co offers crossline leaders training for Project Broadcast Management. This allows you to learn the basics and have "How To" Steps for every part of your text message-based education. We also can manage YOUR project broadcast. This is where EJC would set up everything in the Project Broadcast app and you would only need to respond to your members. Last but not least, we sell our pre-created text message-based classes! These classes are in text message format OR graphics format. Both are the content for the class; they not pre-programmed into Project Broadcast Bundles.


We recommend creating a routine with your education right from the start! We recommend importing your entire team and sending them a Welcome Message, introducing yourself. This message needs to end with a question or keyword to a class - This allows you to confirm your team is getting the text messages and the phone carrier will less likely mark you as spam when both sides respond. From here I would recommend creating a schedule of how many classes you want to send out each month and when you are going to send them out. Consistency is key to help people understand how to utilize this education.


We know first hand the benefits of Project Broadcast and am happy to help you get started! Contact us if you have any other questions! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't have Project Broadcast?

Here is our referral link​ where you can get extra credit - JOIN HERE

EJC Assistant Service List

The following services are offered:

  • Set up Call Forwarding $5 (Must provide phone number)

  • Set up Broadcast Hours $5 (Specify days/hours unless 10am-6pm everyday)

  • Enter template into PB $5

  • Broadcast template $5

  • Enter premade class into PB 

    • Client offer only - Bundle Coded $5

    • Pre-made Classes (7 days or less) $10

    • Pre-made Classes (7+ days) $15

    • Custom Classes - See hourly

  • Broadcast class $5

  • Apply Keyword & Message maintenance: Time Based* 

  • Run reports and break them down for you: $5

    • Total available credit

    • Total MTD outbound

    • Total outbound

    • Outbound previous month total

    • Total inbound

    • Contacts

    • Number of contacts marked STOP

    • Number of archived contacts

    • Total number of templates, keywords and campaigns

* Anything above and beyond these services will be billed my hourly rate of $30 an hour billed in 15 minute increments.

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