Travel Routine

I absolutely LOVE to travel. Put me on a plane, train or lets just road trip! I am down for it all! That is how I ended up being in Asia for 6 months in 2019. I fell in love with living out of my suitcase moving every couple weeks to get to know a new area. Being surrounded with new environments, I needed to create a routine to be proactive with my wellness. I wanted to insure my insides had all the tools it needed to stay on top of its game! Especially in places like airports where the germs bounce around EVERYWHERE!

So here are 5 things I do every time I travel!

  1. Thieves Hand Sanitizer - Like I said there are so many germs EVERYWHERE. There is no way to avoid them. So as soon as I make it through security I put my sanitizer into my pocket and apply it often. I love that it has Thieves in it - this way I am clearing the germs AND boosting my Immune System at the same time.

  2. Water Bottle - Your body needs EXTRA water especially when in the clouds! Traveling also increases your stress levels. Keeping a water bottle on hand is a perfect way to support your body. To figure out how much water you should have a day -> take your weight divided in half and then put that in oz. So I weight around 135 lbs, therefore I should be drinking about 70oz of water a day (Yes, I did round up). This does not include if I am working out that day - If I do then I increase my water.

  3. Thieves Throat Lozenges - These puppies I eat like freaking candy!!! I usually have one on me ALL THE TIME. Like you already know Thieves is an immune booster. Taking this internally allows your body to process and use the tools differently. On top of that when I fly and haven't had a Chiropractic Adjustment in a while my ears will start to pop. I find that when I suck on the lozenge it helps my ears stop popping!

  4. Snack - I value my food as FUEL to my body. This means that it might be an extra couple of steps to figure out how to eat while traveling. To remove this stress I keep a bag of NUTS with me! They don't weight too much, they are going to get smooched, they don't need to be refrigerated and will make it through security in the carry-on bag! It a perfect way for me to have a protein and healthy fat while on the go. I do find they fill me up better when I have different types of nuts to pick from, instead of just one kind.

  5. Essential Oils - First of all, YES I absolutely do fly with my oils in my carry-on. They go with me everywhere. Typically I have at least 15 bottles on me at any given time. These change out monthly based on what I working on and my Itovi Scan. But no matter what changes I make these two gems stay on me while I am traveling. Valor and White Angelica go on my wrists and neckline before I walk into the airport. Valor for a conference boost to step on the plane and White Angelica to help with the people being in my bubble. These two are travel rockstars companions!

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