Stuck Emotions in your Body

There a lot of FEAR floating around lately. Did you know that fear actually weakens your immune system? It does this by lowering the frequency of our cells. Which allows the emotion to become trapped in the body. When fear takes over it likes to hang out in our bladder, adrenals and kidneys. Think about the last time you got really scared.

  • How did your body feel?

  • Your energy level?

  • Did your face drop its color?

  • Did your heart speed up?

  • Did your breathing shorten?

  • Did your shoulders cave in?

Your body language and organ performance changes into survival mode. This is very much a traditional Chinese medicine thought process.Your body goes into survival mode because it really wasn’t that long ago that we were still in a cave fighting off the bears. This is called your fight or flight response. Your body pulls its energy to its core to protect the vital organs. Sometimes when this happens so fast we pee our pants a little because there was such a strong movement of energy into your core. Think about how many stories you have heard that include “I was so scared I peed my pants a little”

So what are some ways to release the stuck emotion? Start by asking yourself the WHY questions. Here are some questions I ask myself.

  • Why am I scared?

  • When was the first time I felt this emotion?

  • Is the level of this emotion true for the present or am I telling myself a story that is no longer true?

  • Is my inner voice ready to write a new story?

I really encourage you to write out these answers with pen and paper. Just let your mind dive in deep. Write down the memories that pop up. Ask yourself if the emotion is still valid now or if it is an old narrative that is no longer true. Once you get through that line of questions and self chat. Ask yourself if you need more support or if you feel that was enough. Sometimes it will be and sometimes we need extra support.

When I notice myself stuck in a certain emotion I start to put my Self Love routines in hyperdrive. Here are some of the things I do

  • I grab for my Essential Oils

  • I start new affirmations while doing EFT

  • I go see my Chiropractor

  • I meditate more frequently

  • I see my Acupuncturist

  • I take extra immune-supporting supplements

  • I make sure my nutrition is supporting those organs

  • I sleep more

  • I make sure my environment is aligned with joy.

Extra support can be a handful of things but it starts with creating your own Self Love routine to get your body feeling back on track. There are so many healthy routines to put in place. You just have to decide what works for you.

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