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I never realized how important a skin routine was until I started doing one. Growing up I had a super oily forehead and nose, but the rest of my skin was pretty dry, I did have some acne, but typically it was from bad food I was eating or the stress I was creating. There are a lot of different things that can lead to skin weirdness. I have found once we clean up the products you are putting on the skin, change up the diet and starter supporting the body - skin conditions tend to disappear.

A few years ago I went to YL Beauty School to learn all about the skin and ways to keep feeling and looking good. Since then Young Living has come out with some AMAZING skin products! Everything from skin support to facewash to make up to lotion - they are freaking awesome.

Now I can tell when I am following my routine and when I'm not my skin feels off, not clean. I also noticed that once I started a routine with real pure plant-based products, I started looking more into the makeup I was wearing. Reading those labels and then just googling the long words were shocking. It blows my mind how many toxins are in cosmetics and how much they really can affect the body - your mood, hormones, skin and so much more.

Our skin is our largest organ. I tend to forget that - it really is an organ. We have to take care of it just like we have to take care of our heart or liver. What we put on it does affect it. On average women in the USA put about 500 synthetics toxins on their skin before 10 am every single day. From moisturizers to makeup to perfume to hairspray - they are filled to brim with some pretty nasty stuff. Did you know the FDA does NOT require any testing or approval for cosmetics and beauty products? Some of the main ingredients in the USA beauty products have been throughout the world because of studies linking them to cancer and reproductive harm. Since 1938 the FDA has not changed any regulations - this means that basically, anything goes with beauty products in the USA. Including if there are any known reactions. Even though there are lawsuits, these products are still on the shelves and being purchased every day. There are only eight products banned and three restricted by the FDA. The European Union has banned over 1300 toxins in cosmetics alone.

Johnson & Johnson is a great example - they have lawsuits every year where people are dying from their products. They are one of the leading companies that people go to grab from the shelves; especially for those who have newborns. In just one lawsuit in 2018, the company lost to 22 women who said that Johnson & Johnson Baby powder gave them ovarian cancer due to the talcum. Talcum is a clay mineral which contains asbestos. Asbestos is widely known to cause cancer throughout the body. There are studies by the National Toxicology Panel which show the cosmetic-grade talcum free of asbestos is still toxic and carcinogenic. Talcum powder is used commonly throughout the cosmetic world. Its most commonly found in baby powder and adult body/facial powder to absorb moisture.

Moral of the story - read the ingredients on EVERYTHING! It is your body, and you should be aware of what you are putting on and in it! Also, throw out the baby powder; it is not good for you!

In Beauty School - I learned that your skin likes routine. It will start healing when you start giving it nutrients regularly. Young Living products are packed full of nutrients because they are Essential Oil based. I love that I know when I am wearing the Young Living makeup I have products on my skin that are not hurting but healing. The Essential Oils are going through the blood-brain barriers and healing on a cellular level!

Morning Routine

Wash with Orange Blossom Facial Wash or Art Gentle Cleanser

Apply Toner - DIY Recipe or ART Toner

Apply Maximum Strength Acne Treatment

Apply Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

If I am wearing makeup that day, next I apply Mattifying Primer. From there I use Makeup from Savvy Minerals, Tarte and W3ll People. I also use Misting Spray on my brushes before the application of makeup. The Misting Spray is freaking awesome to spray on your hair when it is a bit kinky! I love that Young Living products have so many different purposes.

Night Routine

To remove my makeup, it depends on the night. I use Coconut Oil, Savvy Makeup Remover Wipes or Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil

Wash with Orange Blossom Facial Wash or Art Gentle Cleanser

Apply Toner - DIY Recipe or ART Toner

ART Renewal Serum

Apply Valor under my eyes

Apply Maximum Strength Acne Treatment

Apply Moisturiser - Sheerlume, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream or Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

About Twice a week I use a facial scrub! I love the Satin Facial Scrub! You put it on your face and are suppose to wait for 20 minutes. It is also amazing to put under your armpits and on the bottoms of your feet.

So when you wash your face, you are opening up the pores to clean out the dirt. To close the pores, you need to apply a toner! I love the ART Toner but I also love making my own - it depends on the month! When you're using Essential Oils, they are very powerful and will eat away at plastic. Be sure to only put Essential Oils in Glass or Stainless Steel.

Toner DIY Recipe:

Amber Glass Spray Bottle

20 drops Copaiba

15 drops Melrose

20 drops Frankincense

20 drops Geranium

10 drops Cedarwood

Top with Witch Hazel

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