Non-negotiable Routines

You know that last week of Christmas break before the New Year where we all just have no idea what day it is? We are all in PJs - can't get to our hairdresser for a blowout. That's where my brain is now. Its been about 2 weeks of me really not knowing what day it is. Yes, I have a calendar that runs my life. Yes, I organize my days - but honestly, I haven't been following them. Especially this past week! There were multiple days I stayed in my robe.. all day LONG! #NoShame So I decided I needed to shift some things around. This meant it was time to use my tools - I grabbed a bunch of my oils, lunch, laptop, audiobook, textbooks and laid them all out on my bed! I took a scan to check in on my body and get specific oils to use for this next month.   I decided it was time to give myself an Itovi Scan - which is a scan that checks in on my body - specifically organs and emotions! The scan takes less than 5 minutes and then I have a direction on What's Important Now for my body!  I decided to create 2 Roll-Ons with specific intentions. This is to shift my mindset and keep me on track. I have noticed I have been stuck in my head a lot - while not finishing projects. So I wanted to release those thoughts and bring life into what I do want to be working on!  Here is what I decided I was going to do...

Each time I apply my LET IT GO blend I will take a deep breath and let go of anything I am holding onto that is no longer serving me!

Each time I apply my EMBRACE blend I will embrace all that I am grateful for and be present in the moment! This morning I grabbed my sage, my two oil bottles, my coffee and sat down on my mat! I put my headphones in, turned on my guided meditation and started to breath. In through the nose slowly and out through the nose slowly. Next, I applied LET IT GO to my left foot and EMBRACE to my right foot. I rubbed those in and sat up straight and closed my eyes.  Next things I knew it was 20 minutes later. 'WOAH! That was awesome!' I said to myself then started moving through my day. Today has been so much more productive!! Yes, this is a small win. I needed this small win. I forget that sometimes. Especially with the 10 million moving projects I have rolling at any given time. I need the small wins. The small things that make me smile. The small things that pull me back to reality from week 87 of Christmas break.  Small wins add up. They keep you going. They aren't the big things that make you go YES THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO - but they do make you smile and give you that push you need to keep going week 6 on that big project when you don't want to finish. Thats how they add up. That's how they push us moving forward!  So yes my little morning routine is going to be a non-negotiable in my day. Something I do for me, that gets me ready to take on the day. A non-negotiable good thing.  Whats a small non-negotiable you can start to put into your day? 

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