Netflix or Your Episode 1

I keep hearing everyone chat about their new favorite show to watch or how many seasons they’ve gone through in the last month. ⁣

Then I started thinking about how many hours that actually was adding up and how that’s a lot of screen time just zoning out. We will watch an entire Netflix series even when the first episodes are slow just because someone told us "it gets better" - listening to the details, watching it all fan out, looking at different angles.

What if we actually looked at our life, goals and dreams like we look at starting a new show, how many seasons, how many episodes, how long these episodes are. We get so excited to start the first episode. We get our favorite drink, snack and of course comfy blanket. Ready for the new story and adventure to develop. ⁣

What about our life story?⁣

Do you believe in you? ⁣

Have you pushed through your episode 1? ⁣

Do you remember not to compare your episode 1 to someone else’s season 7 episode 5? ⁣

Do you even know what you are working towards?⁣ What the goal is? Why you are getting out of bed in the morning? Or are you zoning out? Just coasting by. Allowing yourself to go with the wind...

Are you surrounding yourself with people who live you are working toward focusing on how they got to where they are instead of being upset that you are not there?⁣

Are you putting in the work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to see the results you want? ⁣

Do you know what your daily nonnegotiables are to achieve your goal?⁣

Because let me tell you what. That episode one is tricky. 

It’s tricky because it’s NEW. 

As we know our brain likes routine and we’re shifting that up. But you’ve got to stick to it through the first season to figure out all the characters (think of them as your systems, to do lists and how to’s). This way your season two is fun. Season two can be easy, a plugin and play, with your army of stars, all the amazing things you imagine AND MORE. 

But you can’t skip season one people. 

Just change your mindset telling yourself that it’s not possible. Because it is.

You get to decide what is possible and what is not.

Its time you believed your life gets better. The first episodes just might be carving a path, laying the foundation and outline - that maybe you can't see why it's happening in this exact way. Once you're on episode 7 I bet you'll understand more of why episode 1 had to be what it was. 

So what is your goal? Are you allowing yourself to dream to find your next goal?

I like to think our dreams that come to us are unique. Special for us to create into a reality for the world to experience. No one else can read your mind. So if you think about it... There is no way that anyone else has had a life in the way you have - therefore, no one else can create that dream like you will. Its unique to you. Because you are unique.

This then takes my brain to the next level of knowing, these dreams we get... It's almost a responsibility to share them to the world. To show others dreaming is IMPORTANT. To show them that we can. To show them that we don't have to stay in a box. Our life can become whatever we allow our minds to expand into. It just takes us looking at our life and believe it will get better - like we know that Netlifx show does.

Dreams can become goals as soon as we put action steps and a deadline to them. So are you going to let yourself dream? Are you going to let yourself grow? Are you going to believe in you?

Say YES to yourself now. Do it for me. Do it for the person who didn't know dreaming was allowed. Do it for that one person who might be watching and wanting to change but not know how. Show them. Show yourself.

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