MTHFR and Sythetics

Over the years I have found out that my body literally hates anything synthetic. So no ingesting, inhaling or applying anything synthetic. When I accidentally do have it my tummy turns into knots, I get nauseous, I don’t sleep well, I get headaches, my body aches, the list goes on. Sometimes it 5 mins and sometimes it can last for a few days to sometimes weeks #thankyouMTHFR (PS over 50% of us humans have a MTHFR gene mutation. Google it.) ⠀⠀ This means I have to check the ingredients of everything... literally EVERYTHING.

Shampoo, groceries, supplements, lotions, air fresheners... you get it. So yes going to the store takes some extra time. ⠀⠀ When you are looking at ingredients, sometimes it can be hidden on the bottle. Let’s take a look at the ingredients of an Essential Oil bottle. All I want to see when I flip that bottle over is the real plant 🌱 No fragrance. No fillers. No toxins. Nada. ⠀⠀ Once they pass the first test of ingredients it’s time to go deeper. This means looking at the company if they use genetically modified seeds or toxic weed killers on the farms. Most of the time the company can’t answer me (because they don’t know) or I get no response back. Which means that’s a no go for me to use. ⠀⠀ So let’s look at the bottle I found at Target. See where it says Jasmine Fragrance. Then look to the right see how it says synthetic ingredients? BAM. That means it was made in a lab and does not have all the awesome properties that would would get from the real plant! ⠀⠀ BTW It is rare for an in store brand to tell the truth on their packaging. Typically they will just have “active ingredients” which means that they don’t have all the ingredients listed. ⠀⠀ This why I can’t grab oils from places like Target, Walmart or Amazon. (Yes I do know there are YL oils on amazon - they are fake. You can tell because they have different packaging) 😳 I can’t trust that I’m not going to end up bothering my body and I absolutely value my wellness more than smelling like lab made Jasmine. ⠀⠀ Yes it can get exhausting not being able to “just run in the store real quick” or “grabbing a quick snack on the road” ⬅️ but that’s is no reason for me to not put my body first.

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