"Just manifest it" - A quote I hear often. Some respond with "haha ok then" others respond with "oohh I totally can" - When I started researching "how do I manifest" I started to notice a theme. Manifestation and energy go hand and hand. Everything has energy. Energy has a frequency it flows with. The frequency of negative thoughts is very low, the frequency of processed food is very low, the frequency of the flu is also very low. On the flip side dark leafy green vegetables have a high frequency, so do essential oils and happy thoughts.  Manifestation is to bring something into your reality by using your thoughts, feelings or beliefs! This means whatever you are focusing on, you are bringing into your reality. Your ability to manifest is based on energy flow, how smoothly are you releasing all that is no longer serving you and how are you embracing all that is good for you. Its an ebb and flow relationship throughout the body. When manifesting we want to start where you are. You must have a foundation to stand on and grow from. We can't go anywhere if we are not clear about where we are. From there you will learn why you are, where you are. Next, you compare where you are, to where you want to be. What habits do you need to create to make this next level of you happen? The goal is to learn how to have your dream goal, not get it, but HAVE IT.  Language is KEY with manifesting. We want to consciously speak things into existence. Conscious language is the art of refining your words to support your higher choices. Removing the phrases of lack  "I want" "I need" "Ill try" "I wish" - replacing them with "I choose" - Did you know we have the ability to choose.  Manifesting triggers the brain differently - it gives the brain an idea of you living in your goal - which then allows your brain to develop ways to make that happen in your reality. To do this we must dream. Reach for the stars. Go deep within and see where you go in a perfect world. Dream so big butterflies start flying around in your tummy. Then go a little bit bigger. Really sit there as if you made it. You don't know how - you just know you are there.  Now that we are dreaming really really big, our inside voices like to scare us out of it before taking the first step. Here's the thing - When we are looking to branch out of the normal, our brain tells us that it's dangerous. Remember our brain is constantly making decisions to keep us safe. It is on the clock 24/7! So doing something new and different is out of routine. We like routine because we know we are safe within the main ones we have. So when our brain telling us to not go big - its actually just saying... Hey new things can be scary, but that doesn't mean we have to stop. These things that pop up are called limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs can be hidden in your life all over the place. In a state of mind, conviction or belief that you think to be true which limits you in some way. They could be about you, your interactions with other people or with the world and how it works. Many limiting beliefs are created in our childhood and then become part of our identity. These beliefs are the lens that you see the world through. They can influence your perceptions. Define for you what's good, bad, true, real and possible. Determine your health. Shape who you are. Hijack your passion. Affect your relationships. Lower your feelings of happiness. Which all lower your body's frequency. The truth is these stories are stopping you from getting the big results you are looking for. Deep down, we know we are here to shine and play BIG.  Diving into the unknown is scary. Because its uncharted territory. ⁣⁣ I’m here to tell you...⁣⁣ You are worthy. ⁣⁣ You are incredibly special. ⁣⁣ You are enough. ⁣⁣ You are loved. ⁣⁣ You are seen. ⁣⁣ You are strong. ⁣⁣ You are important. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It’s time to light that fire inside of you and let it shine bright. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ If you need a cheerleader, I am here for that! If you need accountability, I am here for that! If you need an ear to feel heard, I am here for that. If you need a community, I have built an incredible one that will love you with open arms! If you need advice on how to light that fire, I am here for that too!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ It starts with self love. Loving yourself enough to go big. The fire will light when you step out of your comfort zone and light it yourself. If you are waiting for someone to give you permission, or let you know it’s your turn - THIS IS IT. ⁣⁣We have to believe we can to start us on the path to our dreams. No matter what has happen to you in the past, your course is not predetermined.  ⁣⁣ When you are manifesting, you want to envision your dream future. If you notice a limiting belief pop up... Pause and reflect on it. Listen to the story and decide if you still want to believe it, or if you want to shift it. Look for evidence that is the opposite of your limiting belief. From there its time to take your power back. No blaming the outside world - only you are responsible for your thoughts and life.  To make this shift any time you catch yourself in that limiting belief say "Delete, Delete" - Then tell yourself the story you are rewriting into your truth. This takes time but you want to do it so much that it becomes a normal routine. Don't be hard on yourself when you catch that limiting belief. You are RETRAINING your brain pathways. It's about the process, not the destination.  Let take it one step further and add a Manifestation Sound Bowl Chakra Healing Meditation! This allows the body to really get aligned with this new goal. Chakras are the bodies of energy centers. Balancing these maximize the flow of energy in the body. There are seven main chakras in the body that align the spine. When balancing these and manifesting we start at the crown and move down into the root. We have paired chakra singing bowls with the meditation. Singing bowls is an ancient form of regeneration through sound therapy. The sound allows deep relaxation of both sides of the brain while stimulating stress relief and the elimination of toxins from the body. Before you start this mediation, bring yourself into the manifestation state - envision you in your dream future. Imagine how you feel as the goal is achieved, then sit in that feeling while balancing each chakra. I would recommend doing this at least weekly, while you are working on Manifesting a big dream! I love to apply and diffuse Envision, Awaken, Inner Child and Highest Potential while Manifesting!

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