My Injury Recovery Protocol

My life changed when I injured my foot and the doctor said "this might be the end of your dance career" in 2013. Before I was 10 I decided I was going all in and going to become a professional dancer. I was a tomboy who started before I was two. I knew I could do it. I didn't know how much work I would have to put in - but I had the passion to make it happen. Around 11 I auditioned and was one of three to get into Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) for Dance. Three out of hundreds of kids. I danced about 6 days a week at this school. Each summer I went to 6 week dance intensives to expand my knowledge. The one before my senior year was at Alvin Ailey. This is the best modern dance company in the world. I went to learn more about the Horton Technique after falling head over heels in love with the technique. It was like ballet but created more passion out of me than I even knew I had. These classes pulled all my ballet technique while also pushing me harder than I ever had before. One of my teachers asked me to audition for their year-round program. I did because I wanted to take a class with the company members. I wanted to watch how they took a class so I build the muscles they had in a functional way. After each couple of exercises, they would cut the auditioning group down. Next thing I noticed there's only about 15 out of about 150 left in the room. I was one of two dancers to be awarded a full scholarship. I decided I wasn't ready to live in NYC and wanted a college experience. I went back to ASFA to finish my senior year. The next year I attended Point Park University for college as it was the second best dance University behind Alvin Ailey. I was there for a dual dance degree in Ballet and Modern (Focusing on Horton - which is the technique at Alvin Ailey). Our first day in dance classes was placement day. This meant about 6 hours of technique classes to determine which level of classes you were going to be in for the year. I injured my foot within the last 15 minutes left. The next day is when the doctor said "this might be the end of your dance career." Medical imaging showed a dislocated great toe and partially torn tendons. My world came tumbling down, for about 48 hours. I had just turned down my dream job the year before and now here I am being told I might not ever get to dance professionally. I had my pity party for 48 hours before I decided not to let someone else determine my future. The doctor said MIGHT and I said no. I knew if I wanted a miracle to happen, I needed to start giving my body the tools to allow that! I knew I needed to support my body in all aspects so that it could thrive and only focus on healing my foot. This meant supporting my body with four pillars of health - Structure, Emotions, Environment and Nutrition! The doctor gave me 8 months in a boot and then rehab to walk after that. My goal was to shorten that time period. Each visit the doctor was kept telling me "Woah, you're a healing machine!" Each time he shortened his estimated healing process. At one point he even pulled out my original MRI to double-check that he remembered my case correctly because my healing was so rapid! Within FOUR MONTHS I was back to dancing and even performing. So no, I am not a doctor. But I do know that if I want something to change within - I must fuel my body with all I can to have it run optimally. I know my body can thrive when I listen to it. I also know the body is so connected and it has to be whole-body process to heal. Here was what I did to create my miracle...

Structure Pillar

  • Physical Therapy

  • I started working with a therapist who was already working with professional dancers. This way she knew they level of training I needed to create within my body while also giving me exercise to support dance muscles!

  • Chiropractic

  • I saw a chiropractor twice a week. Our spine holds our nerve roots - which is the foundation of how our body functions. A subluxation means that a root end is being crushed which can lead to so many things. 

  • My mother is a Chiropractor and growing up I would get adjusted at least once a week! So twice a week was put in place to keep my body at its optimal level!

  • Sleep

  • My body heals so much when it sleeps. It's like a super speed healing program. 

  • I also needed my foot elevated above my heart while I slept. 

  • This lead to me creating a while gadget to sleep with my lower half elevated!

  • Workout

  • Dance is a whole body exercise - Just because my right foot was in a boot doesn't mean I stop stretching and maintaining my other muscles.

Emotional Pillar

  • Affirmations are a huge part of mindset growth. My mindset was something I really had to get under control. I had to remind myself that my mind sends the signals for healing and I could be stoping those with my negative thoughts! So I started using affirmations and putting them in places where I would see them and say them multiple times a day.

  • I am worthy of a miracle

  • My body knows how to quickly heal itself

  • I give myself permission to heal

  • I am willing to see things differently

  • My body is getting stronger each day.

Environmental Pillar

  • Ditched and Switched

  • I avoided anything that might have a toxin in it. I would leave rooms that had candles or air fresheners. Make sure to only use clean laundry detergent. My toothpaste was plant based. I re-evaluated everything that was on and around my body.

Nutritional Pillar

  • Removed all Inflammatory foods

  • Gluten

  • Dairy

  • Sugar

  • Corn

I also used a lot of plant based supplements to heal. They fall under all four pillars of health. I got my research from my doctor and a ton of research! My favorite two companies are Standard Process and Young Living. I absolutely LOVE the mission behind taking care of the farms and plants. To use Standard Process - you must have a recommendation on how to use - shoot me a message and ill get you started. Young Living you can get it overnighted to you - here is my discount code for a kit that will give you 24% off all your other orders and tons of education. If your not sure where to start grab the Premium Starter Kit and shoot me a message! Ill walk you through it all! The other key to plant based supplementation is to get on a CONSISTENT routine! I became a walking diffuser, I took supplements multiple times throughout the day. Do your research and learn how your body works. I have MTHFR - which means my body can not process anything synthetic. This also means I have to take my supplements throughout the day instead of all in the morning/night.

Oils I used daily:

Supplements I took daily: 

Ok, now BREATH! Yes, that's a lot of information. But also I was preparing for a miracle. I put the oils into a roll on blends, for fast application. I had a pain blend, an emotions blend, a rehab blend and a few others. I also put the oils that are Vitality into vegetable capsules and would take those a few times a day.  If you are new to essential oils - make sure you know which to dilute as most of these will be hot oils. I dilute with V6 oil. Diluting slows the rate the essential oils get into your body. I would dilute some of my blends and not others. I would apply these 6-10 times a day. Like I said before - I was a walking, well in this case hobbling diffuser! Heres what I wouldn't allow into my headspace.

  • No negative Nancy's - if you had something that shifted my mindset out of creating my miracle. I wouldn't stand for it. There were already negative thoughts swirling in my brain "could I do this" "will I ever dance again" "this isn't worth it" - I was doing tons to get those out of my head already. I didn't need to convince someone else of my own miracle-making-ness

  • Remember your environment is a huge part of your body!

The body is able to heal and create miracle situations if you allow it to do so.  Be consistent. Create your routine and an action plan to make it achievable each day. This injury could have ended my dance career. I decided I was stronger than that and could change that reality to what I wanted it to be. The mind is a very powerful muscle! Use it and fuel your body with nutrients!

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