Boosting your Immune System

Let's start from the beginning - Your immune system is your body's armor against infection and illness. It is constantly scanning your body to see if there is anything foreign. When it does find something foreign or unfamiliar (also known as antigens) - it starts to attack the unfamiliar. It does this by creating antibodies - Your antibodies will swarm the antigens, attacking until them until they can no longer function. The antibodies will then stay in your body after the antigen is gone. A perfect example of this is Chicken Pox - Once you get them your body then has the tools it needs to protect your body in the future.

Your immune system is one of the most complete systems in your entire body! It is made up of tissues, cells and organs! You want to make sure you are supporting your immune system in a way that it can run properly at all times - AKA you want it in tip-top shape to always have your back!

5 ways to boost your Immune System daily!

  1. Eat organic real whole food that is nutritious to your body - remove anything synthetic

  2. Move your body! Even just 15 mins of walking is going to be better than nothing!

  3. Sleep! You want to be getting into REM sleep - this will allow your body to recharge.

  4. Drink water - Drink your weight divided in half, in ounces - daily!

  5. Limit your sugars to 30 grams a day

5 Immune Boosting natural supplements!

  1. Thieves

  2. Bio-D-Mulsion Forte (Vitamin D)

  3. Oscillococcinum

  4. Copaiba

  5. Life 9 Probiotic

Another amazing way to keep your immune system in check is to see a Chiropractor. Specifically, a wellness Chiropractor whom you would see for regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly check-ups. During your adjustment, your Chiropractor would reset your body by moving subluxated joints back into place. From your atlas to your shoulders to your hips to your toes - any joint that can be misaligned. Chiropractors are known as back doctors because your spine is extremely important to keep aligned! Your spinal cord is the connecting point for your brain to be able to communicate with the rest of your body. If it is out of place - then that nerve root is being squished. This means it can not do what it is supposed to be doing. If it continues to be squished this leads to a number of things that are not fun to deal with. Within 6 months of consistently seeing a Chiropractor your immune system with be 50% stronger than when you started. After 2 years of consistent care, your immune system will be 200% stronger! Isn't that super cool!

For an amazing example of a Wellness Chiropractor - check out Dr. Jessica Dietrich-Marsh

To sum this up - you have to love and support your body from the inside out for it to function properly. You must look at your Nutrition, Environment, Structure AND Emotions. Your body works together beautifully when it is given the tools to do so. If you need extra support on where to get started - lets set up a consult!

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