Ever wanted the dream life?

Did you know that you can?! You can have your dream life. You can create the lifestyle you want to live in. Whether that is traveling the world, supporting charities, paying off debt, buying organic groceries. It is all possible. Just by sharing the Young Living products you are using and loving.

We have ongoing training on how YOU CAN CREATE the lifestyle you want to live. This can be one on one or group training. With Young Living extraordinarily generous Compensation Plan - this makes it easy and worthwhile to get rewarded for the purchases of the members and customers in your organization.

A great first goal is to look at the monthly incomes and decide which one would an awesome addition to your monthly income. For example, as an Executive, you would earn about $502 a month - think of all the amazing things you could do with that

Would it be…

  • Getting the product you buy monthly paid for?

  • Getting an extra $500 monthly to pay off some debt?

  • Getting $2000 a month to put into a savings account?

  • What about replacing your current income?

  • What about doubling your current income?

The best way to make this happen is to make a goal and deadline for yourself. Then stick to it! Don't worry I am here to be your accountability buddy! I've got the tools in place for you to succeed!

Here are a few great ways to share your experience with YL.

  1. Sharing with friends and family

  2. Teaching or host classes

  3. Networking on social media via Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc.

  4. Blogging

The secret to all of this is showing LOVE.

  • Show you love your Young Living products.

  • Show others how to love their Young Living products.

  • Show others how to share their love of Young Living products.

Not everyone in your group needs to make Young Living into a business, actually most Young Living products users do not have a business. Here is what our Income Disclosure Statement says

So what is the nitty-gritty on how to earn income?

To receive a commission from Young Living you must personally make an order of at least 100PV. This is easy to do once you start to realize how many toxic products you are purchasing weekly. When you Ditch the Toxins and Switch to a clean plant-based product, you start feeling better, your friends and family can see the change in your body, you then start earning a commission, and if you're on Essential Rewards your earning free points back too! It's a win, win, win!!

Your monthly income is based on your previous month's sales and leadership. Think of leadership as managers at your job - they oversee and guide you in a direction. But it is up to you to put the work in. It is magical to think that once you begin your Young Living Business your income is LIMITLESS. This lifestyle creates opportunities for your dreams to become your reality. Get started today on the life you know you deserve!

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