My Monthly Wellness Box

My first Essential Rewards (ER) order was in August of 2013. I love getting that monthly box! I feel so special having a Wellness Loyalty box packed with goodies! Even if I don't get to open it because my BF has typically torn through the box before I get to it. lol

But WOW am I super happy when it comes! It has all my favorite things that I need... pasta, oils, muscle relief, energy support, cough drops, laundry soap, sunscreen, makeup, supplements, lotion. PLUS a TON of free goodies! I get to change the box each month to fit my needs! I don't have to worry about spending hours in the store reading all the ingredients and then hoping I don't react to a product. It saves me time, and that is super important to me, especially because I travel ALL the time. It allows me to focus on my projects and brings me supplements to keep me on track. It is freaking AWESOME!

There are a few different ways to order YL products:

  1. A Good Way: Customer: Retail Prices (AKA You pay more). No extra perks. 

  2. A Better Way: Member: Wholesale Prices (24% off retail price). Access to all my education and accountability!

  3. The Best Way: Essential Rewards Member: Wholesale Prices (24% off). Access to all my education and accountability! Access to ER savings - ER points, ER kits, YLGO, ER promos and more.

Think about how many times you run to the store each month to grab *one thing* and walk out with a whole cart full from Target. I know I can't walk near that store without buying everything! It's ridiculous - Now think about how many times you grab the first product you see then get home and realize it's not what you wanted... BOOM a solution for both is to jump on board with ER!

It's just like amazon prime ordering but you know BETTER! In the first three months you're making ER orders, you make 10% of the orders back in points! Months 4-24 you earn 20% back and then from month 25 and on you receive 25% of your order again! On top of this at months 3,6,9 and 12, you're going to get little gifts from YL saying thank you for taking care of your body!

So what about shipping?! Shipping is discounted and based on the weight of your order. You also get access to YLGO! This is a yearly flat rate shipping program, and HOLY MOLY is it discounted! It breaks down to about $4 a month. I LOVE this because I can not go without my NingXia Red. Which always makes my box weight, HEAVY! Now it's a flat rate, and I don't have to worry about it at all! YLGO gives you 13 months of shipments and YLGO+ gives you 36 shipments (12 ER and 24 QO).

On top of this just being the best deal ever, each month I round my order up. If my order is $128.50 and I round it up to $129. The 50 cents goes to the Young Living D. Gary Young Foundation. This foundation helps people around the world. These projects really touch my heart, my roundup might not seem like much but every little thing helps. Right now the Foundation is rebuilding part of Nepal. We have an Academy in Ecuador for kids who didn't have the option to go to school. Hope for Justice mission is to end human trafficking and slavery; based in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, US, UK, and Norway. Sole Hope is to help children and adults become and remain jigger free in Jinja, Uganda. Healing Faith fights

against malaria in Eastern Uganda. Give Hope is able to respond quickly when a disaster impacts Young Living members recovering from the devastation. These funds will be used to facilitate relief efficiently and provide care kits filled with Young Living products. The Foundation does some incredible work and they have trips that you can join in on, one day I will be getting on one.

So back to ER, what are you going to order?

Well look around and see what you're already about to run out of AND PUT THAT ON YOUR ORDER. With Essential Rewards you make one order a month, this makes you plan a bit and see what you need! I like to get my order at the beginning of the month, it's like a fresh start to month my month on the right track! Here is a full year of what I ordered on ER AND all the freebies I got each month!

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