Do you Meditate?

I thought it was crazy talk. Also, why would I sit with myself and not do anything, when I have a to-do list to get through? I didn't have time for that craziness. Then last year around this time, I was introduced to an amazing group of ladies who all meditated. They met up about every week to catch up and also hold each other accountable for their meditation practices. They are rockstars at mediation and have been doing it for years. I loved that they all do it differently and at different times of the day.

They taught me so much - one of the biggest things was that meditation is a practice. It takes time to learn and it also takes time to grow your practice. It will mean different things to different people.

You get to decide what works best for you. Here are some things to think about when getting started!

  • Do you feel more comfortable with your eyes open or closed?

  • Do you feel more comfortable laying down, sitting or standing?

  • Do you feel more comfortable your hands on your heart and tummy or palms open on your knees?

  • Do you feel more comfortable with a guided meditation or silence?

Remember you are HUMAN! It is ok for your mind to wander - your goal is to continue to lengthen the time between the mind chatter. When you notice that the mind chatter has started, bring yourself back to where you feel your breath. It will get easier every time.

It's really what works best for you! When you are first starting I would recommend sitting with against something, with your eyes closed. Then just start with focusing on where you feel your breath. Maybe that is on your top lip, maybe that is in your chest, maybe your tummy. Wherever you are feeling it - focus on that. I got this idea from the free app Oak. This app has a few guided meditations and also unguided meditations. I love that you can set how long you want to meditate each time. It also helps you keep track of how often you are meditating.

Some other things I absolutely LOVE to do when I meditate...

I envision myself sitting in a bubble of white light. This allows me to visualize one place that I go to each time that I meditate. While going to this place and getting comfy. I like to focus on inhaling fresh air and exhaling stale air that no longer serves me. During this time I am also applying some essential oils and setting my intentions. If I still feel that I need more time to calm my mind - I do a body check starting from the top and moving all the way down. Just noticing how my body feels and focusing on relaxing any muscles holding tension.

I can absolutely tell when I don't use essential oils when meditating. It takes longer for my mind chatter to slow down. My practice is shorter. My intentions don't carry throughout the day.

Essential Oils I like to meditate with

  • Awaken

  • Valor

  • Abundance

  • Stress Away

  • Highest Potential

The important thing is you get some deep breathing in. You feel yourself slowing down and focusing on you. This is a Self Love Routine that takes some time to put in place. You have to set up a time to do it. If you don't - because it's not something your use to doing - it won't happen. So yes schedule it - put it in your calendar. Put it on your reminders. Write it on your mirror. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself.

Then have patience. Meditation isn't something that overnight will change you. You will see shifts over time. Within the last year, I have seen huge changes in my life. Somedays I meditate multiple times a day for about 2 minutes. Sometimes I wouldn't meditate for weeks. Sometimes I would meditate for an hour - that was a cool day! Majority of the time I meditate for 10-20 mins in the morning. So be grateful for your journey and see where it takes you.

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