My Perfect cup of coffee

Everyone has their own way of making their morning wonderful. Mine is getting something warm and yummy in my hands. I spent about 4 months without coffee when I was doing AIP. It wasn't fun - BUT I DID IT! AIP made me feel like I could do anything and everything. But back to this perfect cup of coffee. I have recently mastered it. This cup puts a smile on my face! And its SIMPLE! Everyone has a different opinion about if coffee is good or bad. I thin it depends on the human - but I have found a few things that are better than others. I know the coffee is best when it is ORGANIC AND FRESHLY GROUND! These two things are key to making sure your getting the benefits from coffee!

Typically in the morning I stumble to the kitchen, with one eye open. Grab my whole bean coffee from the freezer to grind and start the hot water to boil. From there I grab all the things and my favorite mug - these days it seems to be my Yeti as all my mugs are still packed up. While the coffee is grinding and the water is boiling I go ahead and throw EVERYTHING into my mug... Collagen, CBD, Maca and Hemp Milk. By this point, I can put the ground coffee and hot water into the French press. While I'm waiting for the longest 8 minute of my LIFE. I go ahead and run around to start all my diffusers with some morning oils. Typically I like Citrus Fresh, Peppermint, Awaken, En-R-Gee, Pine, Stress Away... I could go on for days with morning oils.

Back to coffee. By this time my French press is ready for a good stir before I press it! Once it's pressed I pour my cup about 1/3 of the way full so I can stir the powder clumps away without spilling anything. Once the clumps are gone I fill it up with space for some foamed hemp milk and then walk over to my yoga mat to start to wake myself up with some morning stretches

Once I go for my second cup, I like to add extra protein to give my body some more loving!


French Press

Coffee Grinder

Milk Frother

Organic Coffee

Water Boiler

Maca Powder

Vanilla Coconut Collagen

Cool Mint CBD

Hemp Milk

Vanilla Protein Powder

Yeti Tumbler

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