When I was first told about affirmations I laughed. I actually laughed and said no way for a few years. But still secretly used them. Now, this was when I was under the age of 10. I didn’t have time for all those words. I just want to DANCE 💃

So then I wanted to get into a school that lets in less than 5 dancers a year for my 7th-grade year of school. You better believe I was talking words of affirmations over my baby muscles. After I was one of three to get accepted out of over 1000 applications I still didn’t think it the affirmations were it. 

Then I got injured in college. They said this might be the end of your career. At 18 that’s not what you want to hear. Do you know what I immediately did? I started speaking words of affirmations over my body again. Within 4 months I was back to dancing. But again thought “no way that my words really did that.”

Then my health really crashed about 3 years ago. Some days getting out of bed was a struggle. My body was begging for a change.  A change in mindset.  A change in my self talk.  A change in my attitude.  This started me on a journey that I absolutely wouldn’t go back and change. 

It lead me to believe in MY OWN WORDS. I gave time and the space to empower myself. 

I completely changed what I was saying to myself. I stopped allowing any negativity in my life. If it was my own. I had my little pity party then called my people so they would speak words of affirmation over me and remind me to get off my ass and do something about it. 

Our brains like patterns. Patterns are comfortable. We go to the same gas station, grocery store, coffee shop, take the same route home. Because it’s “easier” 

The other cool thing about the brain is it manages our body. So if it’s managing our body - and it’s only saying negative things to our cells. Our cells aren’t going to be happy... Remember we’re just plants with some extra organs and emotions

So if it’s shouting negativity out to all the cells they aren’t really going to be thriving. They have no motivation to do so. 

How do we change this?

  1. Notice the negative thought 

  2. Say delete delete

  3. Say the positive version based in gratitude 

The only way to shift a mindset from negative to positive is by grounding in gratitude and making it a new comfortable pattern. Another thing I love to do is put my affirmations in my phone on the reminder app! This way I have different affirmations that pop up as notifications throughout my week. Each day I have specific reminders that pop up at different times. 

Here are favorite affirmation right now... "I am a perfect, beautiful, work in progress and I am uncovering more things I love about myself each day." "I am abundant, healthy, grateful for all I get to do today." "I am powerful and connected to the divine." "Me love all of me" "I am supported and everything on my path is here to help me grow."

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