What in the world are Essential Oils!

Everyone is talking about them but what are they and how are you suppose to use them?

Essential Oils are liquids distilled from plants. They are very, very concentrated. They are the espresso shot to your coffee. For example, to make a 5 ml bottle of Rose Essential Oil you would need over 22 lbs of petals.

WOAH! THAT'S SO MUCH! Yes! Each Essential Oil also uses a different part of the plant! It could be the bark, stem, root, seeds or even peel. I think it is so cool that there are so many plants that are super useful for the body!

Young Living has been researching essential oils for the past 40 years and the company has been around for a bit over 25 years. With this research, Gary Young decided that essential oils needed to be pure and clean. That is when he created the Seed-to-Seal Promise. This is a guarantee from the point the seed is being planted in the soil and all the way until it's packaged in your home - there are no toxins involved. There are never any pesticides, chemicals or weed killers. Each plant is naturally taken care of including hand weeded. *head explodes* Yup. I said HAND weeding plants.

This is the main reason I started using Young Living Essential Oils. They care an extreme amount about the farms and plants. You can even go to visit them! When I was at the St. Maries Lavender and Melissa Farm in Idaho. I overheard a farmer say "we plant because the product is made for a purpose. Not a profit. Even if it's helping one person - were here for that one person" I have been to three different farms and they are all beautiful!

Essential oils have actually been used for thousands of years. They are used for all kinds of things like supporting overall wellness, promoting relaxation, supporting the skin, and so much more. There is plenty of well-documented uses for their benefits by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and Chinese.

They all agree that there are 3 different ways to use Essential Oils

  1. You can apply essential oils directly to your skin. Start by massaging 2-3 drops into the skin. As soon as you put them on your skin (your largest organ) it only takes about 26 seconds and then they have broken through the blood-brain barrier. This means they are flowing through your body. From there your blood circulates every 20 mins - so, within 20 mins of applying your oils, you are supporting your entire body. This is why some like to apply their oils to the pulse points throughout the body!

  2. You can smell them. The aroma of essential oils working with the Limbic portion of your brain. The Limbic portion of your brain deals with three key functions: emotion, stimulation, and memories. This means when you smell essential oils you can create change in your brain! I love doing this by having a diffuser going on almost any time I am home. If you are new to diffusing add 6-8 drops to the water. You can also just huff from the bottle - I love doing this with Stress Away!

  3. Young Living Vitality Essential Oils are FDA approved to be ingested!!! WOOT WOOT! This means we can get the benefits of the essential oils when they first go into the gut then throughout the body. You can add them to your water, put them in a capsule, cook or bake with them. Just so you know not all essential oils can be ingested. Most have additives in them as fillers. This is to cut the pure plant. These additives can be harmful to the body!

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