Breathing with my FUM

I was at our yearly event in Salt Lake City, Utah when I met Jaron. I was leaving our morning session radiating excitement about a class I had just attended. He stopped me to chat more about the class and mentioned he started his own company with his brother and two friends as another way to use their oils. I had to run to lunch and so I said I would swing back afterward and we could chat. I was so curious who got these guys in their early 20's so EXCITED about oils and I needed to know more.

Later that day I ran into Janai (Jaron's brother) - he told me all about how he was looking for a better way to use Peppermint as a natural pre-workout booster. And really use the oils as lung support. They kept finding the oils worked well, but slippery hands and weights don't go well together. So they started using peppermint on paper towels - but that got soggy and just turned into a mess. 

I knew exactly what he was talking about - I would put peppermint on my hands then chest. Then get sweaty in a workout and somehow my peppermint would be in my eyes. #NotFun But they helped my lungs so much, so it was worth it!

This is where the FÜM came from. FÜM Pipes are made from Canadian Maple wood. They are just wooden tubes! No smoke, no vape, chemical-free and all you need is to put your oils on the cotton and BREATH! They are so easy to use and great for on the go! As you have probably figured out, I need all the on the go support!

I keep my FÜM in my Jeep! Typically because I like to fiddle in the car! I keep it in the container so the essential oil stays fresh on the cotton. When I need extra oils in my FUM - I just remove the cotton and apply about 4-6 drops then reinsert the cotton. 

I love Stress Away and Peppermint in mine! You can create TONS of different blends that are amazing support going right into the lungs! Some of my other favorites are Raven, Lime, Frankincense, Digize, Eucalyptus, Helichrysum, Copaiba, Purification, Thieves, Black Pepper and Spearmint!

Because I know your ready to jump on this and get some extra lung support my code to get 10% off any of the FÜM pipes is EJC10 or just click HERE <3

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