Marissa Marsh

Founder of Essential Juniper Co.

Marissa grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. She graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arts with a specialty in Dance. Marissa's next adventure took her to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to study Modern Dance at Point Park University. On her first day at university, Marissa injured herself in dance class. Medical imaging showed a dislocated great toe and partially torn tendons. It was estimated that she would need at least six months of recovery time on crutches and in a boot, along with physical therapy, dance became a maybe. Marissa wanted a complete recovery, so she started exploring multiple avenues for health and performance rehabilitation. She knew she wanted a big change which meant focusing on more than just bone and tendon rehabilitation. With the daily routines Marissa created, within four months, she was once again dancing and performing. Her greatest proof that this idea worked was her graduation from Point Park University in 2017 with a BFA in Modern Dance. 

Marissa is fascinated about how the body works and - when given the best tools - how the body can change and heal itself. She truly believes that there is a solution for every excuse. It just takes making shifts in our priorities that allow the space to use our mind as a muscle, not a weight.

Marissa is an internationally known Self Love Wellness Coach, NLP Practitioner and Fitness Expert. Her coaching is focused on creating daily routines within her four pillars of health: Structure, Emotion, Environment, and Nutrition. She specializes in
transforming and empowering busy entrepreneurs to level up their mindset and wellness before burn out happens. 

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